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The new definition of biobanking requires a new understanding for the structure of bio databases. For this end, the samples must become charged up with all available knowledge from the hospital, and thus made intelligent.

This is achieved by Kairos, by taking its customers along for the ride in a transparent manner. Kairos adapts its product CentraXX together with the customer, in order to satisfy the individual needs on-site. Kairos does not offer its customers standardized products, but rather tools which can also function in heterogeneous settings.

This mixed deductive-inductive approach is probably one of the most important factors in order to explain the strategic success Kairos has had. The new-definition process of biobanking is shaped by three pillars, on which Kairos software-modules and supporting service packages are built:

Pillar 1. Integration

Everything begins with the need to integrate a heterogeneous IT-infrastructure into a homogeneous platform. This uniform data-integration occurs in four phases:

Phase 1

The creation of a platform solution for medical cross-section centers by integrating clinical routine data (derived from KIS, CWS, and laboratory systems) and special documentations over an HL7-interface. By initially adding a clear-defined patient assignment, a secure and integral database is created and CentraXX becomes a unified portal for clinical and later also pre-clinical treatment.

Phase 2

Connecting or replacing separate software solutions in the field of biobanking and trial management through modules that are part of the central portal. Many biobanks rely on isolated applications that were created by IT-personnel on-site. They may have been helpful and reliable in the past; however, they cannot live up to the demands regarding data safety and usability in the long-run and must be integrated into a central solution and replaced in order to avoid double data entry.

Phase 3

Connection of all OMICS-platforms in use, and the creation of an individual and unified OMICS-documentation. The most important information for treatment is often viewed in isolation in the practice of treatment nowadays. Integration of data is desirable; an effective tool for this purpose however has not been available so far. Especially data from the so called OMICS-platforms, with important metabolic data for instance are rarely integrated into one system. Establishing connections here is significant due to the importance it could carry for pharmacological and biological research.

Phase 4

CentraXX creates an overview with a unified and contextualized search-engine across all data sets. This allows all involved personnel the immediate establishment of new contexts.

Pillar 2. Documentation

The next important pillar CentraXX rests upon is the reclassification of documentation. Summed up, the task can be described as follows: CentraXX groups, controls, and secures bio data documentation. This structuring of data that is relevant for treatment, makes daily clinical routine much more feasible. The coordination of individual documentation processes occurs in three phases:

Phase 1

Analysis of available tasks of documentation

Phase 2

Definition of the order of documentation with responsible personnel

Phase 3

Implementation of live-operation in accordance with new standards of documentation

Pillar 3. Evaluation

Due to the reprocessed data integration and data documentation, the user has the opportunity to dynamically and synchronically combine bio data with courses of diseases and therapies for potential trials. This type of processing, using context- and process based evaluations, enables the carrying out of targeted trial recruiting. Statistical research will make the evaluations relevant for treatment support. CentraXX will thus turn into a true portal for trial management, research, and treatment in five phases:

Phase 1

Registry of all trials from each of the integrated departments

Phase 2

System-sided recruiting of suitable test persons or samples

Phase 3

Attendance of trial execution through synchronous display of comparable cases

Phase 4

Kairos integrates joint project partners and CentraXX allows coherent evaluation

Phase 5

Kairos transfers trial results into general treatment parameters