As in your personal life – The best IT-Partner
is the one that understands your needs.

Reap the treasures of knowledge provided by medicine – take full advantage of the possibilities provided by your research design. Kairos will accompany you on this path and will offer you a wide spectrum of competence: Many years of experience in the health care sector, both in research as well as in organization and management, far reaching knowledge in the implementation of IT-solutions in the field of clinical research, and a big amount of pioneering spirit are some of our strengths. Especially in the fields of biobanking and study management, new dimensions are being achieved momentarily: they are moving from being sole sample documentations to multi-tier, multi-centered projects. Equipped with our research portal CentraXX and a complete range of study tools, we feel prepared for this development.

Your visions drive us.

Together with you we develop complete concepts: solutions for your current needs, individually integrated into the existing IT-landscape at your site, with the option for seamless further development. Your needs and visions form the foundation for our concepts. We bring along our core competences, the combination of specialized knowledge in the health care sector and the IT-world, as a basis for your new approach. Achieving our joint visions is our ambition. Many projects we are involved in with distinguished partners, demonstrate that we achieve this ambition every day.

Consulting with System.

We are not the type of consultants who present you with buzzwords, and concepts established in other customer situations in order to explain your work to you. We get familiar with your setting and needs in a quick and concrete way, and then provide you with an individualized IT-solution. Your gain: Research, management, and organizational procedures are mapped and orchestrated in a consistent process. Individual fighters become teams that play together efficiently and to the full use of their potential. Tight and consistent work processes save time and money, with interdisciplinary work no longer occurring sequentially, but synchronously at all relevant sites.