SickKids – The Hospital for Sick Children goes live with CentraXX

Starting April 1st 2017, the Central Biobank at SickKids has gone live with CentraXX. The biobanking and study management solution by KAIROS is being used for the documentation of study patient and family member enrollments including all bio specimen data collected for the studies per international guidelines (e.g., SPREC).

The first department to become a client of the Central Biobank and make use of the IT-solution was Rheumatology, headed by Dr. Rae Yeung.

Customized Workflows for fast and secure data entry

After legacy data from multiple Rheumatology studies had been imported into CentraXX via CentraXX XML-interface, multiple standard reports were designed, and SickKids’ enrollment processes in the clinic were mapped with a customized system workflow using the integrated CentraXX workflow engine to streamline the process. Templates were created to prepopulate multiple data fields during data entry (e.g., spinning times), saving users time and avoiding errors during documentation. Users were extensively trained by KAIROS personnel and prepared to operate CentraXX sample documentation tools as well as the included query interface. CentraXX makes it possible for SickKids lab personnel to document all relevant sample information per best practice. All sample handling and processing is documented in accordance with SPREC, and all tubes are barcoded and assigned to exact positions within a designable stock location hierarchy in CentraXX.

Reports were designed according to specs, and added to the system allowing Central Biobank personnel to regularly query the system and create automated inventory lists, detect patient duplicates, billing receipts and more.


A system designed for data protection

CentraXX is multi user capable, rights and role based, making it possible for SickKids agents from clinic to register patients and family members with PHI. Lab personnel, accessing the same patient records and sample files on the other hand receive fully de-identified views of all data, scrambling all PHI.

“We are glad that the hard work we have invested has made our solution just as relevant for the North American market as it has become in Germany in recent years. It is an honor to be able to offer our modest support to one of the largest Pediatric institutions in North America in their work, finding better ways to treat and prevent diseases in young ones.” says Jesse Goering, head of business development at KAIROS.

“We are excited about all of the new functionality this system offers our users. Quality assurance and efficiency will be raised significantly for our lab processes and biobanking research projects.” says project sponsor Dr. Yeung.

CentraXX is initially being used for all biobanking IT needs that SickKids’ Central Biobank has. However, “dreaming big” is in KAIROS’ DNA, and implementing additional tools from the portfolio (e.g., CTM, MDR, RDA further interfaces to primary documentation systems, etc.) remains the goal. Turning the biobank management system into the holistic research platform that CentraXX can be is the objective down the road.

CentraXX-Installation Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada