Progress always has required
good ideas, take Centraxx.

Can the so called Personalized Medicine really revolutionize modern medical treatment? Will isolated research and far reaching standardization in patient treatment soon belong to the past? Can the growing legal demands on documentation and data security, as well as the rising cost pressures still be managed today? Will there be a cost effective health care system in the future, which will provide tailored treatment? The task seems overwhelming. But it can be mastered.

Kairos created the necessary knowledge portal with CentraXX, which could also serve as the foundation for a successful paradigm-shift at your site. Do not expect miracles. First and foremost it is about work, diligence, and patience, and about a partner who is happy to tackle the task together with you and with the tools that CentraXX provides.

In its core, the idea of CentraXX is based on a contemporary revival of an approach introduced by Rudolf Virchow and Robert Koch, one that revolutionized medical care more than 130 years ago: Tissue samples and blood samples are treasure chambers of knowledge. These biospecimens can however become even more than that. Enhanced with the necessary technical support, they can figuratively turn into clock generators, compasses, storages, visual aids, and much more. But first of all, they are one thing: They are the central linkage between research and medical treatment. By using modern information technology, CentraXX takes advantage of this approach and looks at it in such a way that transforms it into a Next Generation Biobanking (NGB).

Great foundations for medical research and treatment have been laid out, and completely novel instruments from IT are now available, making NGB more than just a bunch of hollow phrases.

A new basic understanding of biobanking is arising. What initiated a fundamental shift in the German automobile industry in the 80’s, is also imminent in medical treatment: Simple storage management is outdated – “Just-in-Time”, or “Cure-before-pain” is the progressive way forward.

With the CentraXX-Meta-Module (CMM), and the first application modules CentraXX-Biobanking (CBB) as well as CentraXX Trial Management (CTM), CentraXX becomes the transparent switch device for a translational value-chain, made up by the research- and treatment centers at your site. Using CentraXX allows you to integrate, orchestrate, interpret, and operationalize all available data and thus build synapses between all persons involved in the fight against diseases. This makes joining into a comprehensive treatment system with other partners an easy feat.

See for yourself: With CentraXX you can create a complete transfer of knowledge from “Bench to Bed”. The quantum leap in treatment, which is hoped for through personalized medicine, becomes achievable.

The advantages of CentraXX at one glance

CentraXX is dynamic, because it is up to the task of meeting the rising demands of the future without losing its stable basic structure:


based on the newest Java- and framework technologies, CentraXX is built on the foundation of IT-support for down the road, thus avoiding the endless maintenance of ineffective outdated structures.


since the system includes entire data sets from research and treatment, and unifies and structures them, complete semantic evaluations are enabled.


because it transfers historically grown patchwork into an easily workable, up-to-date system and thus allows non-IT-experts to profit from the entire power of eHealthcare after a short training period.


since it does not simply allow one specific view on research and treatment, but rather serves as a platform on which the work from all persons involved is orchestrated and the results become transparent. This allows the integration and unified view on various datasets from sources such as LIMS, HIS, CWS, and PACS that are in use at various departments.

In addition to all of the above mentioned, CentraXX is safe, since it uses the newest encoding- and data safety tools, and all aspects of the rather complicated German data protection laws are met by its architecture “made in Germany”. The well-designed informed consent and identity management, as well as the integration of modern identity management solutions place CentraXX on safe legal footing.