CentraXX now also in use at University Clinic Bonn (UKB)

Another university clinic, the UKB in Bonn, has decided to employ the IT-solution CentraXX by KAIROS.

The CentraXX Module Biobank (CBB) will be used by the Core Facility Biobank that is currently establishing a database for its structured data. CentraXX will capture all biospecimen data with broad consent and study-specific consent as well as annotated clinical data.

During the consenting of a patient/proband, data can be collected in the clinical data registry, facilitating later searches for suitable probands for other studies.

KAIROS is the central provider for the biobank’s IT landscape, and offers the possibility down the road to turn the biobank into a centralized research portal.

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Participants at the CentraXX kick-off meeting on February 22nd

, 2017 at the University Hospital in Bonn.