Pareto princinple:
It comes down to the last 20%

This user-oriented approach is much more than simply a systemic variable. Kairos focuses on patient- and user centeredness as one of the central topics of its corporate philosophy. This not only becomes visible directly in the product itself, but can be seen in all accompanying services and the entire company handling. Due to its proximity to the customers and at times unorthodox and hands-on business practices, Kairos sees an opportunity in gaining the image of a real doer in the industry.

As a newcomer and by applying its self-conception, Kairos wants to be responsible for causing a specific impact in the field of biobanking. Kairos’ initial successes prove that one can achieve more through empathy, authenticity, spontaneity, and joy.

This approach is being developed into an independent business-credo and as part of the Kairos culture is becoming a Kairos trademark with customers and employees: Based on partnership, being unconventional yet tough in its dealings, finding the right balance between humor and serious quality.