The site is
where the heart is

The core team of Kairos is set up in the founding site in Bochum and since 2013 in the development office in Berlin. This allows maintaining a necessary proximity to all customers, both for partners in western Germany, as well as the founding partner from the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center in Berlin. It allows Kairos flexible recruiting at both the headquarters of the company as well as at the aspiring bio-tech startup scene in Berlin.

In order to avoid an unnecessary use of capacities, Kairos has always worked with a team of both permanently hired and freelance personnel in the fields of business controlling, tax- and law issues, marketing and public relations, as well as sometimes in the area of sales assistance and programming. This team knows the entire story behind Kairos and lives it. The next step that is planned is to develop a knowledge-circle, which will lead to an advancement of the exchange of experiences and ideas in an interdisciplinary and unconventional manner. In order to avoid the centrifugal forces of having a young and dynamic team being located at two different sites, Kairos implemented a technical and personal twofold strategy.

In order for the technical software development to take place smoothly at two different sites, the developers at Kairos work in accordance with the internationally accepted GAMP 5 standard. Project coordination and coherent customer relations are warranted by a unified project controlling platform. In order to achieve a maximum of personal support for the employees, the leadership team is located at both sites. Dennis Spiegel from the leadership team is located in Berlin, and is the main contact person for the employees at that site.

Kairos’ management makes sure that regular personal meetings take place at both sites, and organizes joint team events at least twice a year in order to ensure team building.

The above mentioned twofold strategy is flanked by the project „Future Workplace“. As a small dynamic start-up company that has expanded to the creative hub of Berlin, Kairos has realized that in its competition with other providers, it cannot alone focus on offering competitive wages and an interesting and future-oriented field of activity.

In order to be able to attract customers and high-potentials long-term, Kairos will have to develop a holistic approach combining internal and external communication from the start.

This includes both visual attributes such as a special interior design of the office space to help unfold the employee’s creative potential or the slightly humoristic provocative appearance in its brand presence, just as much as in the development of very individual answers in a mostly decentralized work process. Whether it’s the establishment of more traditional binding mechanisms such as the foundation of an employee profit sharing plan, novel models of alternating telework or the installment of permanently hired and freelance groups of competence and holistic employee leadership, management will look into new and traditional ideas.