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Interesting facts for investors

In recent decades, the market for biobanking which Kairos is targeting, has achieved a completely new and independent meaning. In the context of the completion of the Hu-man Genome Project, more and more the insight has asserted itself that biobanking is not just a costly addition to pathology, and can much rather be developed into a source of profit in addition to the meaning it can have for research and treatment.

The position of those involved in drug development, as well as clinical research in the market will depend to a great degree on how successful they operated their biobanks. Biobanks are seen as keystones for the future search for new biomarkers and the development of new active agents on the one hand. They are also projected to become central for the so called “Personalized Medicine”, which was elaborated above.

This changed meaning of biobanking has resulted in the development of an entirely new market within the present health care system. A convergence between clinical routine work and research can be observed, summed up in the expression “From-Bench-to-Bed”, which stands for a holistic approach. And the real “just-in-time” revolution in the relation between research and treatment, which will be determined by software backed biobanking 3.0, is yet to come.

Whoever is interested as an investor, in not only making money whichever way, but rather helping to co-design the future of medical treatment, we would be glad to inform you about interesting participation possibilities with KAIROS.

Within the framework of the ERP Startfond, Kairos was able to win investors from the KfW and the SeedCapitalDortmund. Doing so, Kairos advanced through a multi-stage evaluation process.