Now is the time… to transform
data into knowledge.

„The ancient Greeks had two terms for time. The first was Chronos, the other was Kairos. While Chronos described the quantitative dimensions of time, Kairos encompassed the qualitative nature of time. Kairos – the exact right moment in the vast sea of time! In hardly any other field of human endeavor is it as important to strike at the opportune moment as in medicine.

When we were writing the first business plan for Kairos 5 years ago, the story line began with the attempt of trying to set ourselves apart from others in the vast market of Hospital Information and Clinical Workspace Systems. The idea we had was concrete, but many questions remained, questions that had to be answered with hard numbers. A paradigm-shift is taking place in modern medicine today that can be summarized under the keyword of “Personalized Medicine”. We have concrete answers for many of the questions today. With CentraXX, which we have been developing over the last three years, we can deliver extremely important linkages between research and treatment, synapses of modern medical care that are extremely miniscule, but necessary. And the time is now!”

The key lies in a rethinking of the field of biobanking. Biospecimens no longer are viewed as isolated entities, but are expanded into true data bases of knowledge. This turns them into synapses for a new treatment system. Kairos becomes the builder of these synapses, as CentraXX is able to collect all relevant information from research and treatment in a patient centered fashion. Its workflow engine allows for the orchestration of all tasks by all of the personnel that is involved in sample and study documentation.

In a short period of time, Kairos has managed to create a web-based knowledge portal with its software product CentraXX, which could sustainably change medical treatment. Against the stream of general cost pressures and budget shortages in the health care sector, Kairos has succeeded in convincing many of the most important players in clinical research of the product’s quality and its partnering development approach. Together with Kairos, they are prepared to define a new era of biobanking.

CentraXX is not a subordinated expansion to hospital information systems. Its purpose is also not simply to support laboratory and storage management systems. CentraXX is all about comprehensive, patient-centered and dynamic cross-linkage of clinical routine data with special treatment data, as well as managing the entire inventory, and storing all analysis and sample data. Through the orchestrated collaboration of the key players on the one side, and intuitive system-controlling on the other, the individual protagonists of disease control are enabled, by using a transparent knowledge data base, to effectively support treatment. A further goal is to enrich research results through targeted study management, and to turn all stored biospecimens with their respective data into a trove of knowledge. For this purpose, Kairos has established a stable and multifunctional team of young and experienced high-potentials. The team works from the sites in Bochum and Berlin, in order to enable the highest possible customer proximity and to maintain a technological head start that CentraXX has been able to establish.

With this team, Kairos has managed to become an important partner for medical cross-section centers that are advancing research and biobanking in networked projects. Berlin, Kiel, and Würzburg, three of the five university clinics that are part of the German National-Biobank-Initiative , use CentraXX. Furthermore, the flagship of the German Health Centers, the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK) , is developing its clinical communication platform in collaboration with Kairos.

This platform has the potential to satisfy the needs of all German Health Care Centers by serving as a blueprint. Furthermore, the Nationale Kohorte has chosen CentraXX as its central biobanking software product.

At the same time Kairos is turning CentraXX into a central oncology-portal with the oncological centers of excellence from the university clinics in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Tubingen. Besides this, the university clinic in Lübeck has decided to establish CentraXX as its leading biobanking system, without federal funding.

CentraXX has the chance to set essential standards for a new type of biobanking. This allows Kairos to make significant contributions towards the success of the so called Personalized Medicine in collaboration with the leading heads of medical treatment. It will also enable Kairos to assume a key position in the future oriented curative therapy concept.

With the creation of a marketable product, and the testing of an effective market access mechanism, Kairos has already laid a significant foundation. The establishment of a competitive price structure is approaching a complete breakthrough. All preconditions for becoming a successful provider in the field of biobanking have been met.